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Okay but can we just appreciate the boys’ sleeping positions?

Haruka and Makoto

  • Both sleep on their backs
  • Both sleep with one hand over their stomachs
  • Haruka has his right hand by his side (looks like it’s palm-down, but it’s hard to tell)
  • Makoto has his left hand at his side, palm-up.

So if they have been sleeping beside each other as they had originally planned, they would have likely been sleeping side-by-side holding hands.  

Rei and Nagisa

  • Rei sleeps on his side, facing (The viewer’s) left.
  • Nagisa sleeps on his side, facing right.
  • Nagisa is cuddling a pillow.
  • Rei has his arm out like he would be cuddling something, had he something to cuddle.

So if these two had been sharing a tent, it’s possible that Nagisa would have been clinging to Rei in his sleep, and Rei would have had his arm around Nagisa’s shoulders.Also Rei wouldn’t have been able to sneak out without Nagisa knowing.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that both pairings have complimentary sleeping positions.  

It’s almost as though they have slept that way before.

And we know that Haruka and Makoto have regular sleepovers at least.


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